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Few question i need help with.

I will have a website that i will explore the use of webcams and mobile phones.So let me get right to it.

How do allow 10,000-600,000 people.To use their webcam or mobile phone to do live streaming to our website?

How many webcams can each person use at the same time?

Do the software have multiply admin pages.Where they can sign up and mange their own streams?

And if so;is it available in white label?

When they embed the links to the page.Will the video show up or does the person.Has to hit the link to see the show?

Thanks for all of your help.

This is what i will be using.

Dual Quad Core Opteron CPUs (8 Cores total)


2TB 7200RPM SATA Storage.

1000Mbps Port with Unlimited Bandwidth


I posted a reply to your most recent questions here

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