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Get connection counts to server, application, appInstance and stream


this code is almost what i’m looking for but not exactly and i cannot get what i need.

i made a function that list all instances for a specified application:

public void checkOnline(IClient client, RequestFunction function,
			AMFDataList params) {
		IApplication application = client.getApplication();
		List appInstanceNames = application.getAppInstanceNames();
		Iterator appiter = appInstanceNames.iterator();
		AMFDataArray amfDataArray = new AMFDataArray();
			String appInstanceName = (String);
		sendResult(client, params, amfDataArray);

i would like if possible in the same function to retrieve the client number in each instance. But as only the instances names are retrieved, i cannot use

int count = (int)applicationInstance.getConnectionCounter().getCurrent();

how could i retrieve the instance identifier (applicationInstance) in my first function ?

thanks !

Hi Richard and thx for your reply.

httpProvider seems interesting but:

  • i canno’t compile the example in wowza IDE (have “cannot be resolved as a type” error at the foloowing line: private HTTPCrossdomainHandler crossdomainHandler = new HTTPCrossdomainHandler():wink:

  • i believe i am 1 line away from what i need with the server side function, so in any case it would be interesting for me to have both versions available.

thanks for your help !


Okay i think i have it:

just added

IApplicationInstance app = application.getAppInstance(appInstanceName);
			int count = (int)app.getConnectionCounter().getCurrent();

in my terator loop, haven’t tryed yet but i guess will be working

many thanks !

Wouldn’t this be a better starting place: