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How to identify a user who is broadcasting a livestream?

In a private transmission we did via wowza cloud, we discovered that someone was retransmitting the signal on a youtube channel. Is there any way to identify which user was doing this? I thought if there is a way for each connection to put a sort of stamp along with the video so that I can identify which user is doing the illegal transmission.

Hi @Roberto Santos sorry this happened to you. I need to get some more information on your workflow so I can help you. I see you have tagged the topics Wowza Streaming Engine in the cloud. Can you clarify whether you are are doing this in Amazon or Google or pushing from your own on-premises Engine server to Wowza Cloud?

Also, when you say you were doing a private transmission, what does that mean? You were using encryption or security tokens? I need more info on camera source to playback url. Thanks.

I look forward to your answers as it will help me direct you in being able to identify the users who have access to the stream and how to prevent it next time.

@Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager thanks for the feedback!!!

Below the details:

  • source: RTMP push (with authentication) to wowza cloud from encoder NV-25

  • private means only to users who have paid

  • no security tokens

  • playback users: wowza html5 players.

I noticed that wowza play html5 exposes the play URL in the browser log (see log info below). Also, by inspecting the HTML it is possible to see the URL of the TAG VIDEO. I have analyzed the use of security token, however I believe that we will have the same problem, since in the URL will be exposed the parameter of query (URL? hdnts = hashed_token). Am I correct about token security?

00:00:00.000 INFO: Log: Log times are relative. Starting at UTC: 1551901540997

00:00:00.000 INFO: AssetPlayerBase: Wowza Player 1.1.13 build:8693 (javascript)

00:00:00.009 INFO: AssetPlayerBase: License Key: -------------------------------
00:00:00.018 INFO: AssetPlayerBase: init 00:00:00.053 INFO: AssetPlayerBase: prepare 00:00:24.136 INFO: AssetPlayerBase: play:

00:00:24.139 INFO: ABRManagerBase: Using ABR Switch Manager: basic1

00:00:24.140 INFO: AssetPlayerBase: play: 00:00:26.325 INFO: AssetPlayerBase: Rendition bitrate:2731264 size:(1280 x 720) vcodec:avc1.77.31 acodec:mp4a.40.2

Thanks @Roberto Santos for providing more details:

You can use the token in conjunction with an ip address such that the token can only be used from a specific ip address, the token can also have expiration time such that it is not long lived. See at the bottom of this document the option that can be used with the hashed token:

You may have to configure these extra steps to prevent this from happening again. Without this setup, there is no way to go back and see what IP addresses had access to the stream.