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How to know the server status ?


I want to know the status of the server ( Wowza server on Amazon EC2 ) when flow is sent from the encoder to be relayed.

I use Adobe Flash Media Encoder, and I want to get the server status in a variable that I can read with php.

For example, a variable set to “false” when no flow, and set to “true” when I push the “send” button on Flash Media Encoder.

Could someone inform me on what to do?

Thank you

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You can use a HTTProvider.

You will send querystring with stream name and application name, then you will have to write some code to test the stream, then you can respond with your result.



//wowza status

$url =’;

$curl =curl_init();




$content =curl_exec($curl);


if($content==‘Wowza Media Server 2 Perpetual 2.1.0 build24349Wowza Media Server 2 Perpetual 2.1.0 build24349’){

echo “start”


echo “stop”;



Thank you Richard for your response. But … I am unable to implement your recommendations …

A volunteer to help me ?

This volunteer must be patient and educator :slight_smile: