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How to Setup Wowza Media Server for CasterStats

You should also try Casterstats support. I don’t know the answer to this.


Hi, it was suggested in the main post to put:


I have tried this with no results.

These .stream files are placed in the content folder.


Ok. with that in mind. I have looked in the content folder and I can only see the sample videos.

Has anyone had success with the stats? if so what did they put in the (Mount / Publishing Point / Filter)

PS, sent an email to caster Stats support.

I have used Sawmill successfully:


Hello Richard, Ok,

What is it like Sawmill?

Does it have real time stats?

Does it have a web interface?

Produce report and send them via email (pdf)



put in the Mount / Publishing Point / Filter :


i use casterstats and Sawmill also, and both working properly .

Does it have real time stats? NO

Does it have a web interface? YES

Produce report and send them via email (pdf) YES


Hello Stefano,

OK. May be you can help me please.

i am playing the sample video with the SimpleVideoStreaming Flash on the website.

I can see on the DOS WMS2 panel that the stream has started. All good (INFO Stream play sample.mp4)

I edit the settings on the streamer editor.

Click test, and its all good. Play the video and it just says that there is “0 connected users”

Click ok and I cannot use any infomraiton about the users or connection. Only that the server status is UP.

Got it working.

Thanks :slight_smile:

anyone knows why when i put


everything is ok, but when i want detail per stream


casterstats not working properly…I need to have 1 application per stream if i have 1 application with two separate stream names what can i do?