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Hi there,

I would like to know how should I configure my JW player to make it able to listen my shoutcast stream rebroadcasted on wowza.



You will need to use the StreamNameAlias package so you can turn the shoutcast url into a regular stream name. You can get it here:

You can then follow the instructions here:


Is there something to see? I thought it was a pure audio stream?


Put the following content in the StreamNameAliasMap.txt file:


where http://[url-to-shoutcast-stream] is the url to the SHOUTcast stream.

JW Player codem (assumes most recent JW Player - 4.1):

<script type="text/javascript">
	var s1 = new SWFObject("player.swf","ply","328","200","9","#FFFFFF");

where [server-ip-address] is the ip address of the Wowza Pro server. You must add the .flv to the stream name or JW Player will fail. JW Player has changed a bit and I need to update the instructions. It has been changing quite frequently.

Try this to see if it works.


I need more information than that. What is not working. What exactly did you try. What is showing up in the Wowza Pro log files.


I did not get the email. Please resend to


Do you mean metadata like Title, Genre?

If you look at the SHOUTcast example, it shows how to get those things using onMetaData Handler. I am not sure exactly where you would modify JW Player, but if you look for the play command or an onMetaData handler similar to what you see in the example, you should be able to add this in.


You have to dig around in the JW source code, look for the command. There is probably already an onMetaData handler, you can even search for that: “onMetaData”


You have to open this file:


Then, go to, find a station, click Tune In, download the PLS file, open that file in a text editor and copy a URL that looks like this (this one is Playa radio)

Copy that URL into the URL box, then click play.


Re metadata, look at this file:

Look for this function:

public function onData(dat:Object):void {
	if(dat.type == 'metadata' && !metadata) {
// try inserting lines here:
// ....

Thanks Charlie,

I’ve been thru StreamNameAlias, and I think that I’ve installed correctly, but I haven’t been able to make the jw player work. I’ve checked the other link, but I must say it’s quiet confusing.

Here’s the StreamNameAliasMap.txt



Prepends mp4: and mp3: to files with common H.264/MP3 extensions










Expands stream names to origin/edge urls


Expands stream names to SHOUTcast urls

Omit default rule to block users from entering any url



Here’s my JW Script code

Keep me informed

Not working more :frowning:

Hi Charlie I’ve sent you a personnal message. Let me know if you have everything needed to troubleshoot the problem.



hi Charlie,

Email is sent.


Hi Charlie,

I have another question now that the stream work.

How can I show what’s playing from the stream on the player?


Yes exactly what I’m looking for, the metadata from SHOUTcast, like in the wowza SHOUTcast player exemple. How can I assign that to JW Player?

Can you tell me what you did to fix this issue. I’m also running into an issuere here where I can’t seem to get this work. I don’t think i’m that blind… but who knows…

When I load up the readme.html page which embeds the flash player… on my web server I’m getting: “Stream not found: station1.flv”

Clearly i’m missing something super basic here but can’t figure it out.