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jwplayer7, hls, live streaming

I recently upgraded my jwplayer to 7.2.4, and somehow it broke the link it previously had to open a player on mobile devices. I have a call like:

Streaming RTSP Link–Click here.

Down below I call the player like this:


sources: [{file: “rtmp://[server id]:1935/live/flv:<?php echo $flightId?>”}],

rtmp: {

bufferlength: 3


image: “app/images/skytubelive_logo.png”,

fallback: false,


width: “100%”,

height: “100%”,

ratio: “100%”,

responsive: true,


Formerly on a PC this would show a jwplayer and on the phone would show that RTSP link, that you could click on and it would then query you for what app you wanted to play the stream with. Now, however, on the phone, as on a PC, it shows a jwplayer, which of course does not work on a phone.

I asked jwplayer about it and they said the fallback configuration option does not exist in JW 7 because the player will be able to render its controls in HTML5 no matter how the actual player is being rendered and I should look into using HLS as our streaming format as “it is supported in desktop browsers and natively supported on both iOS and Android.” (is this correct?)

I have looked at your page on jwplayer here:, and tried to change my calls above, with no success as of yet. None of the examples that are given show HLS for a live stream. Can someone suggest how to change the above jwplayer call to play the live stream properly that will work on desktop and mobile browsers?



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