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List of stream names in JConsole

Most of what I want in a general monitoring interface is in MBeans>WowzaMediaServerPro>Connections>Attributes.

However, I would like to see a list of active stream names and also a rolling log (like the tail -f command) of past stream names.

I’ve searched all over in JConsole and can’t seem to find anything like this. Is it there and I’m missing it? If not, is there an easy way for a non-java-developer type to set this up?


Do be careful with this level of detail in JMX. It can affect the performance of the server.


Take a look at this forum post:

It is an HTTPProvider that returns detailed connection counts with stream names…

The http://[wowza-ip-address]:8086/connectioncounts?flat method is pretty cool (at least I think so).


Take a look at the /conf/Server.xml /AdminInterface /ObjectList

You can add MediaStream to the list. It’s not in the default ObjectList because of added overhead.

To get a rolling history of past streams you have to capture that data over time.

One way is with HTTProvider, to get data with a server page and insert into a database:

Another way is log to a database:


Not that I know of.


Thanks for the quick response Richard.

I made the changes you suggest and now see new Wowza>VHosts>defaultVHost>Applications>vod>ApplicationInstances>definst>MediaStreams. Under this i see object coming and going. Inside each object, the only piece of data i really need is ClassBase > Attributes > name. Is there some way to have all name attributes from every MediaStreams object aggregated in one view higher up? …similar to how all Connections in the heirarchy combine into the WowzaMediaServerPro > Connections ?

Right. I have disabled it.

Charlie, if anyone knows the answer to this, it’s you: any way to see a simple list of streams in one place? The Adobe admin/monitoring app had this.