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Live Stream Quality from Axis M1031


I have an Axis camera whose data i want to publish on a web site. I have deployed Wowza on EC2 and I am using the sample rtplive application. The video quality looks quite poor especially when there is some motion in the data. I know wowza does not change the content and therefore should not effect the quality. However when i use Darwin SS to publish the data the quality is much better but there is significant delay.

What can i do to increase the quality perhaps sacrificing some delay.


I happen to have the Axis M1031-W

You can setup named Stream Profiles in the Axis camera web interface. Setup > Stream Profiles. And give the Compression value a low number.The range is 0 - 100 where 0 is no compression, therefore highest quality.

Then you use rtsp url that refers to the profile, something like:


Where “highquality” is the name of the Stream Profile you setup.


I also get lots of artifacts in Flash player with this camera, especially at higher resolutions.

Take a look at the Trouble Shooting Live Streaming Guide for some things you can try:


ForcedInterleave property switches from UDP to TCP. It’s recommended in the Axis guide:


Hello Richard,

Thank You for your reply.

I have tried your suggestion, i can improve the video quality and get rid of effects like blockiness. However my intial problem persists. When there is significant motion in the camera there are strange artifacts in the Wowza output.

I am watching live view, a Darwin DSS output and the wowza output at the same time from the same screen and whenever there is motion there are problems in the wowza version and not in the others.Ffor instance there is a fast moving person, In the wowza version some part of him like his head becomes transparent and you can only see his silhoutte then everything returns to normal and when there is motion again there are again problems.

Is there any parameter in application.xml or anywhere else i can play with?



The artifacts are not there when a watch the video using the live stream record application. I wonder what is the difference between the rtplive application and the live stream record applications.


Hello Richard,

I have compared the application.xml for the liverecord application and the rtplive application. In the end the culprit turned out to be the force-interleaved option. When i removed forve-interleaved the artifacts were gone. I had previously put this because of the tutorial in the quick start guide.

I think the camera is sending progressive video, so what is the function of force interleaved? Will there be any side-effects of removing it?