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Live streaming with HTML 5

We just tried live http streaming to an iPad with html5 and it worked!

where can i get more information about setting up a stream that utilizes Apple HTTP Live Streaming. I need information about how to set it up on both the server and on the webpage that a user would view the stream from.

Then i`m really curious what HTML code you used Richard!

And how about if the stream is secure? Is that going to work?

Why is the video tag not supported in other browsers? e.g. Chrome - where I am able to “stream” via progressive downloads but not using wowza.


We use Wowza with custom module installed (i.e. Java code using your API) to secure RTMP streams via token validation. Can/could we use the same method to secure an HTML5 stream?

Many people are saying that Flash is doomed. “Too much of a CPU hog. Insecure. Proprietary.” etc. Rightly or wrongly we are being asked whether we can smoothly migrate to HTML5 when it takes over.

cgerrish, how did you get live streaming via HTML5 to work?

In Theory should this work if I have any custom Wowza modules installed?

did the video play within the html5 webpage or did the ipad open a new safari page directly to the stream in order to play the video.

I am new to wowza but have been using JW Player for awhile with progressive downloads to html5 with flash fallback. Now that we have a wowza server on campus, I am trying to figure out what workflow will allow me to try the following fallback sequence for a single player instance:

HTML 5 video tag http progressive

RTMP flash stream

Iphone/Ipad http Live stream

What kind of file do I need to encode for wowza first of all? Does it need to be .mp4 or would .m4v or .f4v work as well (wowza does not care?)? In the case of .mp4 and iphone I know the encode has to be baseline or main profile, but I am not sure if wowza cares about that either. Also if the .mp4 file has the moov atom set correctly (faststart) is will buffer in http progessive mode (start player before completely downloading).

I also need to provide iTunes U xlm rss feeds using files from wowza and I not sure how to go about that either.

In my case I am the video/web person and did not install wowza, but I need to tell them what I need so they can configure or add options as needed. Right now when I ask for an example file, they send me an rtmp url to .m4v or .f4v video file and I don’t think this is enough to get me started.

Are here any news since then? Progressive download? DASH support? Something that we can embed live streams in