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Live streaming with VLC

First, change the Format setting to “H.264”, then click the wrench icon, then you will see the Profile settings.


Actually, I don’t think FMLE 3.1 or previous versions support AAC without the MainConcept plugin.



Is the name of the stream you are publishing “myStream.sdp”, or is just “myStream”. Use the exact same.

What is /conf/live/Application.xml /Streams /LiveStreamPacketizers? It should be:


Or if you are also doing Silverlight:

<LiveStreamPacketizers>cupertinostreamingpacketizer, smoothstreamingpacketizer</LiveStreamPacketizers>

In the IPhone, check Settings > Safari > Plugins. Make sure it is “On”


Add the “mp4:” prefix to the stream name in the FMS URL:



Yes, you can use h.264 video with Baseline level 3Profile for all supported players.


SecureURLParams is for Wowza 1.7.2. ModuleRTMPAuthenticate is for Wowza 2, both for securing RTMP publishing. The two versions are here:

There is a guide included.

If you have restreaming application, you need StreamNameAlias.

This also has a guide.


Hi, don’t are needed use SDP always with VLC, is possible use UDP and StreamManager into wowza, this way you only need use one port per client, but this can do in advance is easy… I’ll try to do a How To Asap and post this into our blog.

Really this can be do automatically… we are developed an network monitor (only for Linux), this check if the client are sending info to the corresponding port and this call to the StreamManager and start automatically.

The other way is add this Port into StartupStream.xml and this was monitor if receive data into the port automatically and transmit to the client…

FMLE3 support AAC audio by default… and the answer is yes, iPhone and Android need AAC audio, or without audio, but this devices don’t support Audio streaming in MP3

H264 + AAC = OK (Android/iPhone/Blackberry)



Yes is possible but use this tutorial:



Hi this is not possible, the reason is the codec associated with the extension:

.flv = VP6

.mp4 = MPEG4 (h264)

For record the live stream into a FLV you need use VP6 Codec, if you use H264 codec the extension need to be MP4



Just write the SDP file somewhere on your local machine and copy it upto your server. VLC has no way to transfer the file to a remote destination on it’s own.

So do sdp=file://vlc.sdp and it should dump the file in VLC’s working directory (or the / directory on the drive it runs on, can’t remember which would happen). Then FTP or SCP or whatever the file upto your wowza server in the WOWZAHOME/content/ directory where WOWZAHOME is whatever folder your Wowza install is.

Also change the publishing IP address in the command line from to the IP of your Wowza server.


Adobe’s Flash Media Live Encoder works well.

VLC will work for ‘live’ streaming. Don’t use an SDP file. Send MPEG-TS via RTP and you don’t need the SDP files. But you will need to manually ‘turn on’ the stream each time from the stream publisher.

In most cases just having the end users use FMLE (free, but read the end user license), VidBlaster (about $200 for ‘personal’ use) or Wirecast ($449) will work quite nicely.


The link you sent seems to be for a case where the computer publishing the live feed is the wowza server.

In my case I would like the local pc to publish to my wowza server. So I need the configurations from the local computer. eg. From the configurations given I put the server’s IP address in place of the local loopback. But what do I put for the section sdp= file://%WMSCONFIG_HOME%/content/vlc.sdp}? Do I still use file (or maybe rtp or rtmp)? Do I use the server’s url? etc…

I guess vlc is not the solution for me if i want to do live streaming, if the source destination is a remote server. Because I don’t think FTP can constantly stream a live file.

I am looking for a free solution for windows, that a client can configure and point to my remote server. (On the mac Quicktime broadcaster can do that!). Do you have any suggestions?

Just to make sure you understand. I have a dedicated server with wowza. I want the client to use a software (preferrably free or very inexpensive) to broadcast their live show to my server.

Thanks for the help!

I used FLME and I got my test page to work, perfectly. Thanks a lot.

I tried viewing the live feed on my iPhone, but I got “This movie could not be played” message. Then the browser went to a page displaying the wowza server version. Do you know how to make my live video play on the iPhone? I was connecting over WiFi not 3G (if this helps in your answer).

Note: the steps I used was from the wowza documentation quick user guide under the section “How to publish and play a live stream (RTMP or RSTP/RTP based encoder)”

Ok, I understand that I have to get the AAC plugin from MainConcept to make my stream work on the iPhone. My question is about FLME. I have FMLE 3.1. I see format, and I can change it to H.264. But when I click the wrench next to format there is no “main” to change to “baseline”! The options I have is Keyframe frequency, quality, noise reduction, Datarate window and CPU Usage.

Do Android and BlackBerry smartphones need the AAC plugin for FLME also? If not how to make those phones view the live stream?

I publish with quicktime broadcaster since the Tech specs says it has H.264 and AAC (low complexity) but the iPhone just showed a blank page. I used the url suggested in the tutorial for iPhones.

Do you know if I can use quicktime broadcaster to publish a live stream to an iPhone?

I downloaded the AAC plugin from MainConcepts. On my FLME encoder I set the following:

video format: H.264 (profile: baseline, level: 3.0, keyframe freq: 5 sec)

audio format: AAC and I tried HE-AAC

It plays in the flash player.

On the iPhone I get either a blank page, server cannot be found or the Wowza server version.

I typed the following with my server address in the iPhone