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m3u8 file issue

Hi all,

i have submitted my application to apple’s review which displays Video on demand streaming with wowza media server 2. I encoded my videos into mp4 format with H264/AAC baseline 3 profile using a free video converter software.

but they rejected the app saying m3u8 file is missing

I need to know what’s m3u8 file, how and where can i create it , is it present in wowza server dir , also after creating m3u8 file how can i test it


You don’t create that file yourself, you just add it to the URL:


Wowza creates it.


The [streamName] part has to be smil file.


Look at the multi-bitrate section of the tutorials:


Video on Demand


Try it out, you will see. First, create a smil as described in the tutorials; Then enter the http url as I described in a browser on your desktop. You will see that a file is downloaded that has all the versions from the smil.

If you do this with a stream name instead of the smil. you also get the playlist.m3u8 downloaded, it will have a reference to the one stream.


For each video you need a set that includes a 64bit version, and a smil file to refer to them.


I think that only works in Safari browser on a Mac running Snow Leopard.


Thanks Richard,

I am just using the exact same url for playing VOD

but Apple says

The HTTP Live streaming guide below details that a index .m3u8 file must be present for the HTTP Live Streaming protocol. This file includes all the variants for your video stream, including the required 64 kbs stream mentioned in the previous email. During the review of your application, this index playlist was not found.

In order for your application to be reconsidered for the App Store, please review the above document and implement a .m3u8 index file for all video streams over the cellular network as well as the required 64 kbps stream.

Any idea? PLease


Thanks Richard

Please clarify my confusion

Apple says they check accessing .m3u8 file which not present in my case so rejected my app

But the link you provided above is about adding smil with multibitrate videos

I have for eg 7 videos do i have to create smil for each ???

how does smil relate to m3u8


Thanks Richard

I have got the file downloaded with multi bitrates.

Just need to know few more things

1.Do I need to create separate smil files for each video?

  1. I have one variant of all my video files i/e 64Kbps, can i still use this smil file?


Thanks a lot Richard

You can do it in web application with video tag (html 5)

and urls like http://[serverip]:1935/[App_name]/definst/streamname/playlist.m3u8

Hey otimistic,

I was wondering, what software you use or what do you use to create and submit an app in apple store.

We were also wondering how we can build an app that uses wowza for VOD and Live Streaming when avaliable…