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Multi bitrate streams

Hi there,

How can i create application with automatic (if it’s exist ) multi bitrate selection ?

i’m working with jw player and i created a playlist file with multiple bitrates but i always get that i have only 1 level of bitrate.

my playlist file looks like :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:media="" xmlns:jwplayer="">
      <title>Bitrate Switching - Planet Earth</title>
      <description>Bitrate switching for RTMP streaming is done on startup and with every seek and fullscreen switch.</description>
        <media:content    bitrate="6000" url="earth_hd.mp4"   	width="960" />
        <media:content    bitrate="3000" url="sd_cut.mp4"   	width="1280" />
      <media:thumbnail url="planetearth.jpg" />

according to some posts( on longtailvideo (jwplayer web site) wowza does not support multi bitrate

(see one before the last post - by a guy called hobbs).

so, is there any way to make wowza support multi bitrate ?



Wowza Server 2 supports dynamic switching, as in the next example in that set from here:

	                        <title>RTMP streaming (dynamic)</title>
	                        <description>When an FMS 3.5 server is detected, bitrate switching is also continously done while watching the video.</description>
	                                <media:content bitrate="1600" width="1080" url="videos/8Juv1MVa-67727.mp4" />
	                                <media:content bitrate="1200" width="720" url="videos/8Juv1MVa-485.mp4" />
	                                <media:content bitrate="800" width="480" url="videos/8Juv1MVa-484.mp4" />
	                                <media:content bitrate="400" width="320" url="videos/8Juv1MVa-483.mp4" />
	                                <media:thumbnail url="" />


It has to be implemented in the client. See the multi-bitrate section of this post on Video On Demand streaming:

I would look at the 4.7 version of JW Player for something that should work right now. Possibly the latest 5 version of JW Player, but not sure.


rrlanham, thank you for replying…

i saw this example and tried to use it but it doesn’t work (for me…)

you can try and watch it here :

as you can see (on the top of the video) there is only 1 level.

i guess that the levels refers to how many different bitrates (i saw it somewhere…).

any other suggestion?

When an FMS 3.5 server is detected, bitrate switching is also continously done while watching the video

how can i know when wowza switch streams ?

how can i know if wowza recognize that i’m asking for multi bitrate streams ?

is there anything special that i need to do to configure wowza or it is just client side ?




i’ll check it soon.