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RTMP Ping latency

I am interested in keeping track of the RTMP ping latency between Wowza server and the flash client. Is that possible? I would like to track this info on my flash client.

Bandwidth checking?:

Are you trying to re-invent the dynamic switching wheel?


Did you study that Adobe article? You can use the NetStream QoS metrics by monitoring the object. It’s not going to be easy, but the part you are trying to figure out now is already provided.

Read this:


Okay. I won’t be able to help with that. Bandwidth checker and QoS metrics are what I know to suggest.



I am using the bwchecker to determine the b/w at the start. I am interested in keeping track of the ping time on a ongoing basis. My understanding is that there is constant ping traffic going between wowza & flash. Is there a way for me to tap into the times for those ping messages? If not, are there a api’s I can use to send my own ping request from the client?

Reason I am doing this is to do my own basic implementation of Dynamic Switching. I cant really use what Adobe provides, because of the peculiarities of my live encoder. I have to restart my encoder when I need to do bitrate switching. So my thought was to monitor the ping time and use that to identify network congestion and have my own custom way to handle it on my backend.


I am actually already using the QoS stats. However, I dont think that will be enough for my case. Here is an example, QoS stats provides “maxBytesPerSecond” so you can determine if you need to reduce the bitrate. However, in my case (because of combination of both the content and the encoder), this number might be low for extended periods of time (15-20secs). This does not necessarily mean there is congestion, but just that the encoder is using less bits because of more static content in the video.

In some cases a drop in “maxBytesPerSecond” might be due to congestion. So I want to use both QoS stats and the ping time to positively identify any need for reducing the stream bitrate.

Thanks Richard. I’ll look into the bwchecker code and see if I can model something after that.