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RTMP single url format (server url and stream name combined into single url)

Are you trying to wrap the playlist url in another playlist that you are hosting on a web server. If so, this will not work. See my answer to your other post.

Have you tried playing the stream on an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch? All of this does work. The guide for vod playback is here. I would start with Extremists video and get that working. Then move on to your own content:


Could you post how would this be in the case of the iphone vod?

I’ve tried with:




but it doesn’t generate the list with the .ts. It enteres in a short of loop, always returning the original string with the ?wowzasessionid=XXXXXXXX


That is how it works. The first request will generate a second playlist with the session id added. It is then the next request with the session id that will lead to the playlist with the ts chunks lised.


I guess I would do a bit of crawl, walk, run. First, try video on demand playback as prescribed by the vod tutorial I referenced. Next, create a subfolder named videos and copy Extremists.m4v into this folder and use the URL:


See if that works. It should just work. That is the proper way to do it. Then branch from there.


Not sure why this is repeated in this thread. Let’s go back here


the second list doesn’t return either the list with the chunks :frowning:

No, I haven’t (although it’s still possible with some “tuning”). Everything works perfect if the videos are in the root directory of the application (in the example “vodiphone”) but if you try to play them inside a subfolder (“vodiphone/subfolder”), then enters in the loop I was talking about.

I will try a couple of things more, but I’m a bit lost (like the tv series)


I have used the above code, and I am unable to intercept the play command.

Here is what I want to do:

-Accept a URI like this :

rtmp://localhost:1935/vodtest/1_s106_363.flv/MyExMjgxMDA2NDgyITM2MDBzITQ3OTY2MjU0MTkhMbzeACygMG Z508w8lzdhS30.

or same thing with RTSP

In RTPSessionCreate or onConnect, get that key from the URI, and validate it against our own authentication server. This part is done, and appears to be working correctly.

Now, I need to “override the play command” to remove that key from the end of the URI so it doesn’t go looking in some non-existent folder for the content (there is no MyExMjgxMDA2NDgyITM2MDBzITQ3OTY2MjU0MTkhMbzeACygMG Z508w8lzdhS30 folder)

So I copied the code above, and put some logging in, but it never gets into the play method. It goes into RTPSessionCreate etc. as it is supposed to, then tells me there is no folder.

Help please.