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VOD Multiple Resolutions

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Clicks here and there every days is not going to cut it…

Another thing, we have plenty of storage and bandwidth. We are not looking for a storage and hosting solution. we built our own. we need a scalable product that works well with VOD. Most solutions are all the same and just focus on the live streaming. However, that is an aspect of what we’re doing, it’s not all aspects and the meat of it is storing videos and streaming to different devices around the world.

When I worked there, I was a systems engineer, they had huge clusters that did nothing but transcoding and then they had a huge hive that delivered the data, then the backend was huge ssd and hybrid disks storage made by Dell EMC, Compellent, and Pure

Well, if you worked there, you would know more than most about the mystery behind their platform. I think you could build the same thing with a Wowza back-end. You’re just going to have to get used to the idea of a conventional batch transcoding approach and ABR staging logic to leverage a solution like Wowza. I think we have everything you want, except for the just-in-time transcoding. My concern is that you’re going to spend more time looking and trying to engineer such a solution when we can help you get started now.

Problems when switching renditions is not typical. Be certain that your media assets are encoded properly. It is critical that all source files are keyframe aligned with identical H264 settings. If you’re experiencing issues, you need to engage our support organization to assist.

It sounds like you’re seeking a solution that dynamically configures a server-side, VOD-sourced encode (essentially alive stream) to adapt based on client conditions. Is that what you’re proposing?

What was said that was not professional?

Didn’t apply to you @Robert Sexton.

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I understand and hope you will find the solution you are working for. My comment was only meant to imply simplicity with use with the templates. It will not work for your use case as you have expressed.

Hi @Robert Sexton, I’ve read the conversation here with growing interest. I’m not a Wowza employee, but a 3rd party (independent) consultant. Would you be interested to discuss this further or have you found a solution in the meantime?

@Karel Boek-Senior Consultant, thank you for the response, however, no we’re good.