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I’m used to FMIS and use the fms2_console a lot. The most important features to me are that I can select an application instance, monitor the live log (lines appearing on my screen in real-time), that I can inspect SharedObjects in real-time and that I can have a peek at streams. Also not bad are the bandwidth monitors.

Looking around for monitoring Wowza, it is suggested to use JMX. I had a quick look at JConsole connecting to Wowza, and I got overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff that you can inspect. I suppose that JMX will allow me to cut to the important stuff, but before plunging into JMX, I’d be interested if anyone has made a component or application that allows simple monitoring of Wowza exposing just the main features?


Sander Kruger.

You can add and subtract what is shown in JMX/JConsole in /conf/Server.xml /AdminInterface /ObjectList

You can remove items from this list, and you can add from the superset commented out above.

Some of these items add substantial overhead, e.g. Client


At this point, for something like introspection of AMFDataObj or AMFMixArray, etc, you will have to use a Flash application. Same for looking at streams.

Or, the ServerInfo HTTProvider might be a good starting place.

You could use it as a top level interface to drill down from, and maybe integrate a Flash application for that.


I search for “Eclipse JMX” and this came to the top:


Just run Wowza in the IDE and all the logs are displayed in the IDE console. You don’t need JMX/JConsole.


Check the instructions at bottom for installing Wowza in Eclipse, should be similar for adding JMX plugin to Wowza IDE:


You have to add the Module to the Modules list of /conf/test1/Application.xml, and connect with a Flash app:



I’m getting an error saying that the installation has not been configured properly for Software updates.

It is a strange eclipse issue we have not sorted out. If you add our plugins to eclipse using the sofware update mechanism it will work.


Dear Richard,

Thank you very much for your quick reply. I have turned on SharedObject and yes, I see some shared objects appear. Some, not all (I’m not sure yet why). However, it’s a rather useless interface, because there’s no way to iterate over the properties of the SharedObject if you have no clue which properties are set. And even if you know the name of a property, you can’t inspect it because the AMFData type can’t be serialized in JConsole.

Also, I don’t see how JConsole could let me have a peek at a video stream.

At first glance, it seems to me that JMX is a very generic (and powerful, yes) Java introspection tool and doesn’t really specialize to the specific features of a media server.

Do you think that JMX would be a good starting point to get something like fms2_console? Or should I try to find a custom module and a Flash client to do the job?

In the newest version of the IDE there isn’t a perspective “JMX”, is there something else that I need to install to have it show up?

Thanks Richard, quick as always. I’ve managed to open up the Jconsole on my Mac but I can’t figure out for the life of me where to see the debug and info trace statements that I’ve got in my SS code. I swear I’ve read it somewhere but rereading all the docs again I just can’t find out how to do it. Any tips?

I’ve tried to install the Eclipse JMX but I’m getting an error saying that the installation has not been configured properly for Software updates. Any clues there too?

I’ve managed to install manually. Would be good if the Wowza IDE could be updated via normal Eclipse routes though.

Thanks Richard but I’m getting nothing in the IDE console, just this:

INFO server comment - defaultVHost home directory: /Library/WowzaMediaServer-2.0.0

INFO vhost vhost-start defaultVHost -

INFO vhost comment defaultVHost Bind attempt ([any]:1935)

INFO vhost comment defaultVHost Bind successful ([any]:1935)

INFO vhost comment defaultVHost Bind attempt ([any]:8086)

INFO vhost comment defaultVHost Bind successful ([any]:8086)

INFO application app-start test1 myapp/test1

INFO session connect-pending -

INFO session connect -

INFO session disconnect 1557153462 -

Despite having this in my code:

public void onConnect(IClient client, RequestFunction function,

AMFDataList params) {

getLogger().info("onConnect: " + client.getClientId());


Completely ignore my idiocy… forgot to put the module in the application.xml file for the app. Sorry about that.