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wowza stream to JW player HTML5


In the Application.xml you have :


Change to :




I think jwplayer is broken about html5 (m3u8) thing

I do the same as you in removing “download type” and impossible to read m3u8, I just get spinning circle animation… no more


I got it working on my side

your jwplayer code is ok

for me it was just a problem with h264 profile used, so I put baseline 3.0



this is all nice but I am looking for something like a visible playlist at the right site in a JWplayer that is supporting Live-rtmp at first in the playlist and then VOD. It should support PC and iOS in one player.

I use the transcoder so I have flv and mp4 and mp4 replays.


can you please help me with the above example, how to adapt this, it looks a little bit different to yours.

and, I am confused about the playlist. You use the &provider=rtmp and not the playlist, why?

'modes': [
        {type: 'flash', src: '/jwplayer/player.swf'},
          type: 'html5',
          config: {
           'file': 'lq',
        'streamer': 'rtmp://xx:1935/live',
           'provider': 'rtmp'
          type: 'download',
          config: {
           'file': '/videos/sintel.mp4',
           'provider': 'video'

the src is correct and the player appears. But instead of streaming just the download is offered :frowning:

please give me an working example.

Failed to play sintel.mp4; stream not found.


INFO session connect-pending x.x.x.151 -

INFO session connect x.x.x.151 -

INFO stream create - -

INFO stream destroy sintel.mp4 -

INFO session disconnect 1342628936 -

would be nice to have an working solution for a flash player with HTML5 fallback, because of the trial license will end very soon :slight_smile:

instead of type: ‘html5’ ?!

I think I do live streaming, I ll upload a camera input via wirecast to wowza… why is that vod, and not live ??

I let just the download … directive untouched (sintel.mp4 - its just from the code example!!)

The Livestream is working perfectly via RTSP and via the Jwplayer flash. !!!

Please help me how to get the jwplayer with wowza and html5 to work.

the vod app is in the wowza default config included, so I just pointed a wirecast stream to it, called also “lq”.

here is the html file: please take a look.

the stream comes from a differenzt server.

I am wondering why my browser (without flash) gos to the download “dummy”.

Hi Richard,

thanks for quickly replying.

I took now again the code from my first post.

with /vod

with /live

On a window maschine with flash its working. On a html5 device still not.

The file samples are confusing: I dont want to stream a file like mp4:sample.mp4 ( these lines are just copy&paste from example codes!)

I want to use the livestream.

I also added

to both vod and live app.
What is still missing?


What file? I dont need that file. I want to play the livestream, not a file.

In the current html files (stream-html5wowzaexample.html and -vod.html ) there`s also no sintel.mp4

only sintel.jpg but this is because of copy&paste the example code, it has nothing to do with my intention.

sorry, I couldnt find sintel.mp4 , even with grep in the server directory. maybe you have to clear the browser cache?!

Hi, I set up now the sample.mp4 vod stream. Please take a look:

on my windows maschine its working great (as all of the tests), but on a linux browser without flash the page is empty. But the demonstration at work in this browser.

!!! thats the matter of the HTML5 playback, that the player works on a non-flash-browser.

The demonstration at work in this browser WITHOUT FLASH !

HTML5 video tag with m3u8 URL only works in iOS devices. The only desktop browser it works in is Safari on a Mac.

Hi Richard,

this player is working also on the linux maschine without flash, no iOS

So I think it should be possible…?!

JW player works fine for Flash rtmp / iOS HLS html 5 failover. Example here (FMS 4.5 server, but that’s irrelevant to the player config - just replace URLs to your player files and the content and you’re good to go in Flash and iOS):

code used there:

player should sit here