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    Good day!

    Is there a encoder that can connect a PC with a Camcorder via HDMI for LIVE STREAMING? What is the best approach to streaming [LIVE] from an HDMI camcorder?

    Also, is it possible to restream Skype video call?

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    To stream live with HDMI you will need a capture card that can take a HDMI input.
    For streaming Skype video chat I'm not sure, I do know that it will be very complicated as you cant save Skype video calls (that I'm aware of) so you will have to capture the screen and re-stream that as its own video maybe using VLC.
    Can't help much more than that I'm afraid.


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    As JasonH mentioned you'll need a HDMI capture card. There are a few pretty good options.
    1 - Blackmagic Intensity Pro. They have PCI Express, USB 3 and Thunderbolt options that should work. Note that your HDMI content can't be HDCP protected else it will fail.
    2 - AJA I/O. These are more expensive but have more options as well. I believe there is also a Thunderbolt capable version of I/O coming out soon too. Same deal, no HDCP.
    3 - Matrox MXO2. Once again, no HDCP.

    As for capturing Skype, it can be done. If you're on a Mac then you just need the free CamTwist software. This will allow you to grab your screen with the Skype video and re-stream it. If you're on a PC then Wirecast may be your best bet, but it is $500.00 USD. There may be free options for PC but I'm not aware of them. Basically you'll want to grab your screen (or a portion of it) and re-package that as an RTSP stream that Wowza can understand. From there you can re-broadcast the Skype call.



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