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Thread: how can i get this to play on a direct link through the video player on android

  1. Exclamation how can i get this to play on a direct link through the video player on android

    I want to play on android but none of these links are working directly on android...

    rtmp direct link: rtmp://
    rtsp direct link: rtsp://
    only if i embed this code on a website it can then be played when i enter this url on android.
    how can i get this to play on a direct link through the video player on android

    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
    <div id='mediaspace'>This text will be replaced</div>
    <script type='text/javascript'>
    var so = new SWFObject('','mpl','470','290','9');

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    So, you can get it to work in RTMP/Flash. You want it to work in RTSP.

    You will have to narrow down the problem.

    1. Try the Wowza Mobile Demo to see your Android RTSP player works.
    2. Setup and test a VOD Application to see that Wowza works through your firewall with RTSP.
    3. That leaves only your live encoding. You'll have to ensure that your live encoding is supported by your RTSP Player.

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    thxs for replying
    i can play vod on my android streaming from my server
    also i'm able to play live stream on my android
    now that leave live shoutcast redirect..
    i can't get that to play i get the error "This video cannot be played"

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    What type of encoding are you doing?

    For best results use:
    Video: H.264, Baseline, Level 3.0, Keyframe Interval: 2 sec, Frame Rate: 15fps.
    Audio: AAC, 44.1khz, 128kbps

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    i'm not using any encoder...i have a shoutcast server
    i created a server that can redirect the stream into this wowza server...
    it plays find in flash

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    Is it MP3? Because Android does not support streaming MP3


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    no it brings a port in by relaying

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    ook so wats the link to get android t work. i need your help

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    Hi again wlongdonstudio,

    The RTSP URI you have in your first post is correct.

    Try playing "rtsp://" in VLC. Then go Tools->Codec Information, and verify that the codec of your stream is supported by Android/RTSP.
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    thxs will try that

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