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Thread: How to make one "mountpoint" with multiple sources/ redundant sources? (Like Icecast)

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    Default How to make one "mountpoint" with multiple sources/ redundant sources? (Like Icecast)

    Is it possible to have an alias or mountpoint that has multiple sources?

    Right now we use one FMS origin server as source for Wowza to deliver RTSP, RTMP and HLS.

    The problem is that when we take the FMS origin server down for maintenance then the entire Wowza service goes down as well.

    In Icecast I configure an alias mountpoint and this alias gets its audio primarily from one mountpoint and secondarily from another mountpoint. If the primary source fail, then the users are mapped to the secondary source without the users ever notice it and when the primary source is back they are moved back transparently.

    http://server:8000/RadioChannel1.mp3 <-- Users connect to this mountpoint
    http://server:8000/Channel1.mp3 <- Primary source, from hardware encoder 1 [Hidden from users]
    http://server:8000/Channel1_Redundant.mp3 <- Secondary source, from hardware encoder 2. Fail back to primary when available [Hidden from users]

    How can I do this in Wowza, or is it not possible?

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    To do this you will have to use the playlist functionality in Wowza, tutorials here,

    This is quite complex and will need a lot of work.


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