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    Hi all
    I have changed my vod storage from <StorageDir>${com.wowza.wms.context.VHostConfigHome}/content</StorageDir> to <StorageDir>home/voduser</StorageDir>
    Then it has worked ok on website, but i couldn't play on ipad
    When i change the storage to default <StorageDir>${com.wowza.wms.context.VHostConfigHome}/content</StorageDir>, it worked ok again
    I don't know how can i change my storage???

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    sorry. now i can play it, but i can't play .mov file on ipad???file .mov worked ok on web

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    Check to make sure the Wowza process has permissions to read the file - if you're using an MP4 .mov file, you'll need to prefix the filename with mp4: like this:


    If the MOV file is not encoded with h.264/aac, you'll need to convert the file.


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    I have used link: http://ipaddress:1935/vod/mp4:new/sa.../playlist.m3u8, my storage is <StorageDir>/home/voduser</StorageDir>
    and my wowza log is
    WARN server comment 2011-12-03 09:50:17 - - - - - 0.724 - - - - - - - sample.mp4[1]: /home/voduser/sample.mp4 (No such file or directory)

    In the log, we can see that it open the wrong path file /home/voduser/sample.mp4 (the correct path must be /home/voduser/new/sample.mp4)
    I don't know why the subfolder didn't work???
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    Hi dragelec,

    When you have subfolders in your content dir, you need to add "_definst_" like this to separate the path from the instance name:


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    I have tried but it didn't work

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    Hi draglec,

    1. What is the value of your StorageDir property?
    2. What is the full URI that you are trying to play?
    3. Does sample.mp4 exist in the correct folder?
    4. What errors do you get in the Wowza console/logs when you try to play the stream?

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