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Thread: Repeat from Wowza to FMSS 4.5

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    Default Repeat from Wowza to FMSS 4.5

    Is there a basic workflow repeating a live stream from Wowza 3 to FMSS 4.5? It appears that a connection is made in FMSS 4.5 from "WowzaProLiveRepeater" by using the mediacaster tool, but video is not displayed when attempting to play.

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    You can use the Push Publishing Addon to push an RTMP stream to FMS:

    Or you can use some Server Side Actionscript in FMS to pull a regular live RTMP stream from Wowza. Something like this:
    myCon = new NetConnection();
    myCon.connect("rtmp://[Wowza Server IP]/live");
    myStream = Stream.get("myStream");"myStream.sdp", -1, -1, true, myCon);

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