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Thread: Chatroulette, Flash Player 10's peer-to-peer and Wowza

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    Smile Chatroulette, Flash Player 10's peer-to-peer and Wowza


    I'm reading that Chatroulette is a combination of Flash Player 10's peer-to-peer ability and the Wowza Media Server.
    Is it true? How do we can make this combination if Wowza doesn't support P2P (RTMFP)?

    Thanks guys!

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    The P2P aspect will not work unless the user has forwarded a port on their router (or has an Internet addressable IP address). Wowza doesn't support RTMFP at this time, so I'm not exactly sure how it works. But, I imaging that you would test if a P2P connection could be made, and if not, fallback to a regular Wowza chat connection. I believe that's how it works with FMS as well.

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