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Thread: Wowza with Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

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    Default Wowza with Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

    We're getting rolling with using Amazon ElasticBeanstalk to handle a cluster of tomcat7 application servers:

    It handles things like WAR application deployment, rotating logs to s3, autoscaling the number of instances, healthchecks, etc. It's great for some of our website's non-wowza services.

    It's possible to use custom AMIs with the beanstalk service and to configure the AMI to run a different server than tomcat. I've got an app that uses the Wowza recording functionality with a custom module deployed as a JAR. I built my own clunky version of autoscaling/deployment/logrotation which has many single points of failure. I'd like to replace my own framework with the prebuilt amazon infrastructure. Autoscaling would be based on the average number of connections to the cluster.

    Has anybody looked at brining together the Wowza AMI and the beanstalk service?

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    I have not heard of any Wowza/AWS Beanstalk integration as yet.

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    I meant, Wowza/AWS Beanstalk integration.

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