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Thread: Redirect streaming to another server

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    Default Redirect streaming to another server

    Hello everybody,

    I'm configuring a Wowza Media Server and I have a question. Can I redirect the streaming from a wowza server to another server?. I have been reading about the origin-edge configuration but that's not what we're trying to configure. In all threads and tutorials that I have read, I think the repeater requests a stream to the origin wowza server, and then de repeater publishes this stream. What I mean is a configuration that allows to forward a stream from WOWZA to an IP-ADRESSort of another server, but without the request of this server. Something like generate a .sdp file with wowza, put it on a directory of the target-server and redirect the stream to this server.

    Many thanks in advanced.

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    Take a look at the Push Publishing addon:


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