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Thread: Problem streaming MP4 videos - Server-side Playlist

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    Question Problem streaming MP4 videos - Server-side Playlist

    Hello everyone,

    I've been working with wowza for about 2 years and since then i had no complains... Great server.

    For 1 and half year i've been using flv as the main video files, and everything was being streamed like a charm, the biggest problem was the file size. too big for a good quality video.

    So, I changed to MP4, i have now low-sized files, and high quality videos. The tv station works ok and initially videos are being displayed. But sometimes when a short video is played, as soon as it finishes playing the next video doesn't show video, just audio.

    I don't know what to do. Thank you!

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    If the video that follows with audio only plays with video and audio when it is played alone, then this is most likely because of a change in the video codec that the player could not handle. It might be a frame-size or FPS change, a Profile/Level change, etc. It is best to have identical or close to identical video and audio codecs in the playlist set.


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    Hey... thanks for replying this.

    Well... we use the same profile on Adobe Premiere, so i believe it's not a codec or size issue... I'll keep searching, but i still having this problem!


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    Hi. Sorry for digging up this thread, but i never got it solved.

    there`s one thing that made myself sure that it`s not a problem on my videos. I tryed playing the same stream on this app: and it plays my stream correctly. I see that the problem is with my flash as3 videoplayer. I don't know if it has something to do with AMF encoding (i'm not explicitly using any) or the metadata handler.

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    I can offer you ways to investigate this on your own, or it might be more efficient if you can just send the requisite information to Wowza support:

    You can create a zip files containing your entire conf, logs and transcoder folders and the corresponding media files (not too big if possible), smils and other info, and place this on a webserver somewhere. Email the complete steps to reproduce, a link to the zip, and a link to this forum thread to

    Edit: Sorry I didn't catch the part about it being player specific. Does it happen using the Wowza example players? Which ones work or don't work?
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    So randall,

    Thanks for replying... I found out that the problem was with my videoplayer that i have built, but i don't know where the problem is. i was able to watch the stream with no probs using the publisher tool (, i can actually send you the link of my videoplayer and the settings for you to test on this "publisher tool" by PM.

    Thank you for your attention!

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    Try the Wowza /examples/LiveVideoStreaming/client/live.html

    AS3 source is included in the above /client and /clientFlex folders, these are good starting places and reference for your project

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    Oh... How silly i was to forget Wowza sample files existence!!!

    I just tested them and seems to work great... i'll keep testing it and will use its code. Thanks man, you're always helping the community!

    P.S.: The problem wasn't solved, an when i published the demonstration file in my Flash Professional CS5.5 it happened the same problem. So I compiled (published) the FLA in another Computer and it solved the problem. the SWF file size was cut in half and it's working great now! thanks!
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