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Thread: Reduce live stream delay

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    I am using the origin-edge Wowza Media Server setup in order to stream live content (MPEG2TS SPTS over IP) to jwPlayers.

    After an arbitrary period of time I had the edge servers slipping delayed with up to 13 minutes. Right now I am having in the Application.xml at Streams/StreamType 'liverepeater-edge'. I read through the hints from the page at and I saw what was recommended.

    I have few questions:
    1. What do I have to do besides what is recommended in the above URL in order to have a delay of maximum 30 seconds between live and internet content?
    2. In the current setup, one of the origin servers was used also as an edge server. This setup, on a higher connection count from user, could cause streaming problems, such as image freezings, on all the edges using that origin?

    Thank you for the answer.

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    I don't have anything to add to that guide.

    As load increases, eventually you will hit the limits of your server or network. If you use the origin as a edge too, that increases the load.


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