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Thread: Installing S3FS AND VodS3 on ec2 instance

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    Default Installing S3FS AND VodS3 on ec2 instance


    I'm looking for guidance on how I can add these to a running instance. The wowza pre-built ami was used for this, but a custom .zip file was used to install the applications we need. I can't find any reference to S3FS on our server, or in the file you offer here http://wowzamediasystems.s3.amazonaw...ckagelist.html. I could easily add the vods3 application to my startup going forward, but I need to modify an existing instance, and I'd like to understand how S3FS gets installed.



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    Take a look at this howto:


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    Thank you, I was just looking for s3fs in the wrong location!

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