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Thread: multicast stream to ipad and iphone

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    Default multicast stream to ipad and iphone


    I've been searching all over the web and cant seem to find much information about this. Is there a way to stream multicast video to an iOS device? If this is not supported by the built-in iOS video player, are there 3rd party apps that can do it?


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    No way I know of. Also since these devices rely on WiFi - multicast is definitively not recommended.

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    It seems to me like WIFI would actually be a pretty good medium for multicast. Wouldn't it be better to have a single multicast stream on a WIFI segment instead of dozens of individual unicast streams (one per user)?

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    Perhaps it is undesirable because there is no guaranteed receipt of the packets as there is with TCP unicast. And wireless is prone to transmission problems. But, I suppose for a live transmission it's no different than tuning into the radio. If you have bad reception, you'll lose data.

    Anyhow, it seems possible:

    Perhaps VLC receive a multicast stream on iPad:

    (I haven't tried it)

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