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Thread: server side get single snapshot

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    Question server side get single snapshot

    is it also possible to get a image out of a existing video chat ?
    using the viedochat example.

    the idea is to provide a preview in plain HTML (without loading flash player at all)

    i have read WS 3 Supports HTTP Requests but only on 64 bit machines ?

    maybe someone have a workaround for linux based i686 videochat applications.


    also i have red in the forum quite some time about flash examples, but i have not found them anywhere ... any tips where they might be ?


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    Take a look at this example:

    It does require a Flash client

    Wowza uses HTTPProviders to expose its API through HTTP calls, and these work on any server that will run Wowza. HTTPProviders are not limited to 64bit systems.


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