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Thread: Please teach me the way to get high quality live video streaming.....

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    Question Please teach me the way to get high quality live video streaming.....

    We are preparing Live Streaming Video Service with WOWZA MEDIA SERVER.
    But we have one big problem Video Quality.

    signal path is....
    1. Full HD file playback by kmplayer. ( on NLE computer, will be replaced with HD SDI Live source)
    2. HDMI monitor vidoe output.
    3. BlackMagic-Design 1M/E ATEM HD switcher (HDMI input) - with left top Logo DSK
    4. Switcher's USB 3.0 output to Encoder Computer.
    5. Encoding thru FMLE 3.2, current setting is shown by attached image
    OTL image attachment is not provided by this forum....
    ** input size 1920 * 1080,
    Deinterlace = Checked
    Timecode = Checked
    Audio = AAC codec (purchased version of Mainconcept for FMLE)
    6. Publish to WMS3 server.
    7. Play thru JWplayer on our testing Web site. -

    But we can't see sharp and high quality video compare with it's streaming bandwith 1.8Mbps.
    Some one tells me that our vidoe is 600k streaming ???

    What's wrong???
    I had have tested other encoder like wirecast... but same result there..
    And VP6 encoding is more quality video result.
    But can't see on mobile....

    Please teach me the right way to obtain maximum quality video streaming.

    Thanks a lot for your reading and kindness.
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    What is the encoding, res, bitrate of the source file? What is the bitrate of your current stream? You should be able to figure this out with a monitoring tool, such as Windows Resource Monitor.

    It seems to me you're encoding 3-4 times. Each re-encoding may degrade the quality. You'll get the best quality if you can play the VOD file directly with Wowza.

    If the source files are not compatible with Wowza, I suggest using an offline encoder such as MS Expression or FFMPEG, to do a quality 2-pass encoding, then stream the VOD files straight from Wowza.

    You'll get better quality video (less blocking) if you encode at a lower resolution, then let the client device upscale to a higher resolution. The greatest thing affecting quality is to have a quality camera doing the initial capture. A 360p 500kbit/s stream shot with a quality DSLR looks better than 1920/1080 at any bitrate shot with my webcam.

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