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Thread: Restart Application from API

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    Default Restart Application from API

    I am having trouble getting a successful restart done using either the API in a Http Provider or using the jmx api with this example I am using an rtp stream with a .stream file in the content directory and in startupstreams.xml.

    My understanding is that there is no need to explicitly call a method on appInstance to actually start the app (there is a shutdown but not a start method in the API) and that it will restart when a client attempts to connect. However I am getting a stream not found when attempting to connect after a shutdown. I then have to ssh into the instance and call restart on the Wowza process to get the stream working again.

    Am I missing a restart equivalent in the API, or is there something else I'm missing? Here is what I'm doing to shutdown:

    IServer server = Server.getInstance();	
    	IApplication app1 = vhost.getApplication(server.getProperties()
    		.getPropertyStr("PublishToApplication", "live"));
    	IApplicationInstance instance = app1.getAppInstance("_definst_");
    	instance.shutdown(false, false);

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    Are you using StreamType "live" and starting the stream in StartUpStreams.xml? If so, you have to restart the stream after stopping the application. You can use the MediaCaster API


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    Yes, I am using StartupStreams.xml. I wondered what the MediaCaster API was.

    Thanks again.
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    You're welcome, glad I could help.


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