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Thread: HLS streaming of mp3 file to Android ICS using JW Player 5.9

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    Default HLS streaming of mp3 file to Android ICS using JW Player 5.9


    I have trial version of Wowza, which is very great product. Trying things out to figure out how to stream music to various devices securely. Flash streaming works just fine, HLS streaming to iPad works just fine, but having problem with Android ICS devices. Below is the code I'm using to test streaming.

            flashplayer: "/jwplayer/player.swf",
            file: "",
            provider: "sound",
            height: 270,
            width: 480
    HLS streaming of MP4 video file to Android ICS works just fine, also mp3 file hosted on web server works just fine. But HLS streaming of mp3 file from Wowza doesn't work. Turned of data event processing (, still no luck. Changed provider to 'video', no luck.

    Could you please give me a clue where should I look at. How I can debug the problem? Anyone who faced same problem?

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    Any updates on this? We are seeing the same issue.

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    I face the same problem.

    Are there any updates on this?

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    We have seen some issues for HLS playback in different Android devices due to the fragmented Android support for HLS playback.

    We would recommend using a Flash-based web player for Android devices, and to use HDS or MPEG-DASH as alternative playback formats.


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