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Thread: How to connect Wirecast to Wowza linux server ?

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    Default How to connect Wirecast to Wowza linux server ?

    Hi, I'm new with Wowza and Wirecast, I watched video tutorial show how to setup Wirecast server on window and How to do live stream video by Wirecast on window.

    But the problem is if I install Wowza on linux for public IP , and I install wirecast on window.

    How to connect wirecast to Wowza linux server ?

    (My company has public IP for linux server only , and use window laptop connect with digital camera to do live video)


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    There has to be a network connectivity to the Wowza server from the machine that Wirecast is running on. Then you just use the IP of the Wowza server when you configure Wirecast stream, in place of "localhost"


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