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Thread: live streaming question - possible with separate audio source?

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    Default live streaming question - possible with separate audio source?

    i am pretty new to the topic, but so far i like the wowza server a lot.

    i would like to broadcast a live stream with a video coming from a playlist and an audio coming from somewhere different, e.g from a radio. I have followed the tutorials, set up a scheduler and a transcoder based on them, have a pretty nice functioning playlist but with it's own voice so to say. During the switch between the tracks there is a typical noise which is not that nice. so I would like to put a smooth audio layer on it. At the end I should have one stream only (our customer insists), so a video only output and the audio only output with two flash players on client side is not a possible solution here. Anyone has some advice, how to do it?

    Thanks a lot in advance,

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    This was also support ticket 33167

    There's a way to do this, but not in the scheduler example code.

    You can have a Flash player which has two NetStream connections, one for the audio and the other for the video. Both of those two streams can be defined in the scheduler.

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    Dear Richard,

    thanks a lot! The support ticket is sent by my colleague We will try it outand get back to you with the result of the experiment.


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