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    Our clients requested 10 encoders for TV and another 10 for radio

    We decided to use Wowza Transcoder Add On and place an origin Wowza at their end.

    So our plan is,

    Encoder with SDI input -> send 720p @ 1500mbps -> Wowza Transcode to 160p,240p,360p and 720p -> RTMP Streams is available for edge to repeat

    We in dilemma on choosing Encoder that can last for 3 years and running 24/7 a day.

    Should we

    1) Develop custom rack server + Osprey 700E
    2) Use hardware encoder like Viewcast Niagara series

    Since there're 10 TV channels and 10 TV radios, how many SDI input per server that I should configure ? We are thinking of each TV will use dedicated encoder and sharing 4 radios per encoder.

    Azril Nazli
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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    Sorry, I don't know what to recommend.


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