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Thread: Wrong url in playlist.m3u8 wowza 2

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    Question Wrong url in playlist.m3u8 wowza 2


    I have wowza 2.2.4 on linux configured for cupertino ios streaming (from live sample in wowza distr) on port 80

    ex. playlist URL

    but i see this:
    want this:
    wowza server is behind NAT with publication
    "hostname" command return

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    You can choose an absolute or relative url in Wowza 3 which should solve this problem.
    Once you have upgraded to Wowza 3 take a look at this tutorial,

    This may be a bug in Wowza 2 however no bug fixes are going into Wowza 2 anymore so to have the url displayed as you have requested an upgrade to Wowza 3 is required.


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