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Thread: Can't Live Stream with Public IP

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    Default Can't Live Stream with Public IP

    I have set up a server and when I stream to localhost or (My servers IP) the live streams work great. When I go to use the public IP that i get from it does not work.
    I have opened the 1935 port on my router and have also tested it here:
    and it says 1935 is open. But when I try to stream to it, it does not work.

    Any help please. Thanks

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    Ensure that Wowza is listening and your router is forwarded correctly by typing in your browser URL bar: "http://[public-ip-address]:1935"

    You should see the Wowza version number displayed. If not, then it is likely your router is not forwarded to the correct IP/port of your Wowza server.

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    Wowza responds when I use localhost or my normal IP but when i use the public IP it does not work.
    I have port forwarded that port (1935).
    I have tried turning off all firewalls but nothing... I'm stuck.

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    Have you tried to access other services from the wan, eg www

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