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Thread: Use DVR plugin to record VoD puffer file from livestream?

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    Default Use DVR plugin to record VoD puffer file from livestream?

    Dear Wowza team,

    I do not know if the nDVR plugin is the right way to fulfill my requirements but I want to describe you briefly my current scenario...

    We want to publish a live stream on several set-top boxes. However, each STB has implemented other protocols and different ways on how to process these rquests.
    Video on demand files play nicely via HTTP progressive download on nearly every STB, but RTSP is supported only by a minor number of manufacturers and HLS seems to be a protocol for the next generation of STBs. I know that some new DVB-S STBs from Humax or Technisat will support this protocol but currently it's no real solution. On the other hand, Flash (or even silverlight) is also not supported.

    So my question I came along is the following: Is it possible to address the nDVR recorded stream material directly via HTTP? I am currently looking for a solution where I can record a live stream into some kind of buffer file that can be played on a set-top box directly (and which file size grows from time to time). I saw that the nDVR plugin offers ways to access the result via HLS, San Jose streaming or silverlight streaming but not such a way.

    Or is there maybe another way to achieve this objective, let's say with some kind of server-side proxy script?

    Thanks in advance for every hint.

    André from Germany
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    The STB has to at least support Flash HTTP streaming with the OSMF framework, or Apple HLS (cupertino) to use the one of the playback URLs here:


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    Hi Richard,

    ok I understand.

    Do you have an idea by chance, which protocol or delivery method might be used at

    It's a mpeg live stream addressed via HTTP, so it doesn't seem to be RTP or a MPEG TS UDP stream. But it is also neither HLS nor Flash streaming.
    (maybe that's more a general discussion question, not specific for the nDVR plugin)

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    No, I don't know. I can't tell.


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    Ok, I found a good solution and want to share my thoughts with everybody who is interested in this topic

    I combined the Wowza streaming server ouput with some kind of VLC framework post processing magic.
    It is possible to use e.g. a Wowza RTSP stream as an input source and deliver it via HTTP wrapped in a TS container by using something like

    vlc -vvv stream-url --sout "#std{access=http,mux=ts,dst=}"

    which fulfills my current requirements.


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