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Thread: How to play chunked ts files with m3u8

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    Default How to play chunked ts files with m3u8

    Hi Guys,

    I have chucks of h264 ts files with m3u8 which came from a provider, How do I install these on the Wowza media server in a way HLS client can play these media?

    From what I understood, the Wowza media server generates these files from an mp4 or mov on the fly and serve the playlist.m3u8 to the client. What if I have them the other way around? meaning I already have the files (TS) and the m3u8 which the Wowza server is supposed to generate on the fly? Should I concatenate these files and put them all together as one file and encapsulate them into mp4? or should I make some sort of a smil file?

    I tried putting all the files together with the m3u8 in the content folder, i.e


    Then I tried to use vls to play the content as

    But of course the vlc gave an error and the wowza logs says that its a directory.

    Best regards,


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    I would appreciate any feedback, guys. If this is not possible then so be it but I would like to know. Thank you.

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    This is not possible with out of the box Wowza. Wowza will not accept TS chunks as an input source. There are ,I believe, some third party Wowza modules available (can not find them as I search Google) which will do this, but only from a live TS source, not pre-downloaded files.


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    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the reply. I'll just try this on apache since it doesn't need anymore processing. I guess wowza is for normal mp4 and mov



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