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I have chucks of h264 ts files with m3u8 which came from a provider, How do I install these on the Wowza media server in a way HLS client can play these media?

From what I understood, the Wowza media server generates these files from an mp4 or mov on the fly and serve the playlist.m3u8 to the client. What if I have them the other way around? meaning I already have the files (TS) and the m3u8 which the Wowza server is supposed to generate on the fly? Should I concatenate these files and put them all together as one file and encapsulate them into mp4? or should I make some sort of a smil file?

I tried putting all the files together with the m3u8 in the content folder, i.e


Then I tried to use vls to play the content as

But of course the vlc gave an error and the wowza logs says that its a directory.

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