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Thread: play mp4 on OS X MacbookPro

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    Question play mp4 on OS X MacbookPro

    Hi, I have installed wowza media server on a linux box (rhel5).
    Streaming the m3u8 to an IOS device on port 1935 works well because the file is streamed to the QuickTime player.
    My question is how to stream to a macbookPro.
    I tried installing RealPlayer and setting the m3u8 to open with RealPlayer.
    I also tried setting the m3u8 to open with Chrome.
    Both of these solutions fails.
    Please advise me on how to stream port 1935 wowza mp4 to macbook Pro.
    Thank you,
    Chris Kennedy

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    I don't have a Mac OS of any kind so I'm not sure if it will work but have you tried in the safari browser?
    It may be worth checking if iTunes can play .m3u8 files too, I know it can open them but I'm not sure how to make it play the content inside (maybe a plugin is required?).


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    I just found this that may be useful to you,


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    I think some of the terms here are getting confused. It sounds like the original poster wants to play the Wowza's HLS URL (the playlist.m3u8 one) on a MacBook (or any laptop/desktop/non-iOS device).

    If that's the case, the simple answer is you don't have to. In your Flash player, just use the Wowza RTMP Flash URL (without the "/playlist.m3u8" part on the end) and you will be streaming the original mp4 file. If you are using JW Player, you can use the same embed code to deliver both the RTMP and HLS version in one page and the client will select whichever one it can play:

    Alternatively, if you use either the Premium or Ads versions of JW Player 6, you can embed with just the HLS version (the "playlist.m3u8" URL) and JW Player can either send it to iOS or convert it for Flash delivery.

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