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Thread: FFMPEG to Wowza - Localhost streaming

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    Default FFMPEG to Wowza - Localhost streaming


    I'm using FFMPEG to generate mpegts stream and I want to stream this to Wowza for HLS streaming. Both FFMPEG and Wowza sit on the same system. I figured out the only way to connect FFMPEG to Wowza is as per the tutorial

    I was wondering since I have to stream to localhost, what is the most efficient way? How can I avoid packet loss here if my system is connected to a distributed network(where there are chances of packet loss) Should I set the Host IP as or my actual IPv4 IP of or both are same?I basically wanted to make sure that no packet gets lost since I'm doing a UDP streaming here to the same system

    Your replies will greatly help me to set up a streaming infrastructure


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    If FFmpeg is running on the same server there should not be any packet loss between FFmpeg and Wowza. You can log packet loss to be sure:


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