Okay, so I've never used Wowza before but I'm interested in buying a license because I've had issues with JW Player. One of the issues that I have with JW Player is that if a video file is located on another server, then the file can only be streamed; you can't skip to different parts.

So, for instance if it's an hour long video and the viewer wants to skip to 40 minutes in, they can't do that, they'd have to sit there for 40 minutes until it gets to the part that they want. If the video is located on my server, or the server that the JW player files are located on then the viewer can skip to different parts. I was told that this is an issue with JW player.

Does Wowza do the same thing, or can I skip to whatever part of the video that I want even if the file is located on another server?