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Thread: Smooth streaming manifest - Layers not in the right order

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    Default Smooth streaming manifest - Layers not in the right order


    We are actually implementing VOD streams on a connected TV, which is supporting Smooth Streaming and Playready. We have this combination working fine with Wowza for another project but it seems that for this proprietary player, the order in which the layers is declared in the manifest is important. The order shall be from the biggest bitrate to the lowest.

    Even after creating a SMIL with all layers in the right order, here's what we get when we call the Manifest:

    <QualityLevel Index="0" Bitrate="5000000" FourCC="H264" MaxWidth="1280" MaxHeight="720" CodecPrivateData="0000000167640033ac2cac05005bb014a020202800000300080000030197100001312c00030d3df8c7076860c4e00000000168ea535250"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="1" Bitrate="12500000" FourCC="H264" MaxWidth="1920" MaxHeight="1080" CodecPrivateData="0000000167640033ac2cac0780227e5c052808080a00000300020000030065c840005f5e0000f4237e31c1da1831380000000168ea535250"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="2" Bitrate="1017000" FourCC="H264" MaxWidth="476" MaxHeight="268" CodecPrivateData="0000000167640033ac2cac1e08fbbc05a810101200000300020000030065c00001f0900027b97e31c1da1831380000000168ea535250"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="3" Bitrate="1186000" FourCC="H264" MaxWidth="528" MaxHeight="296" CodecPrivateData="0000000167640033ac2cac08427f97016a04040480000003008000001970000024318002e537e31c1da18313800000000168ea535250"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="4" Bitrate="1875000" FourCC="H264" MaxWidth="720" MaxHeight="404" CodecPrivateData="0000000167640033ac2cac0b435f9f016a0404048000000300800000197000003938000124f5f8c7076860c4e00000000168ea535250"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="5" Bitrate="7500000" FourCC="H264" MaxWidth="1920" MaxHeight="1080" CodecPrivateData="0000000167640033ac2cac0780227e5c052808080a00000300020000030065c4400072708000927b7e31c1da1831380000000168ea535250"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="6" Bitrate="750000" FourCC="H264" MaxWidth="384" MaxHeight="216" CodecPrivateData="0000000167640033ac2cac181df97016a040404800000300080000030197000005b8c001d4b7e31c1da18313800000000168ea535250"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="7" Bitrate="6250000" FourCC="H264" MaxWidth="1280" MaxHeight="720" CodecPrivateData="0000000167640033ac2cac05005bb014a0202028000003000800000301971000018cba0003f79df8c7076860c4e00000000168ea535250"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="8" Bitrate="873000" FourCC="H264" MaxWidth="428" MaxHeight="240" CodecPrivateData="0000000167640033ac2cac1b1fefc05a8101012000000300200000065c00001aa400022197e31c1da18313800000000168ea535250"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="9" Bitrate="3125000" FourCC="H264" MaxWidth="720" MaxHeight="404" CodecPrivateData="0000000167640033ac2cac0b435f9f016a04040480000003008000001970000017d780007a117e31c1da1831380000000168ea535250"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="10" Bitrate="1610000" FourCC="H264" MaxWidth="648" MaxHeight="364" CodecPrivateData="0000000167640033ac2cac0a42fe5bc05a8101012000000300200000065c00000c488000fb8df8c7076860c4e00000000168ea535250"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="11" Bitrate="1381000" FourCC="H264" MaxWidth="584" MaxHeight="328" CodecPrivateData="0000000167640033ac2cac0942be597016a04040480000030008000003019700000302a2500035f17e31c1da1831380000000168ea535250"/>
    Is there any way to tell Wowza to arrange the layer in the right order? This shall normally not impact any player, but all the examples we've seen from Microsoft were always arranged this way, for example:

    Thanks a lot in advance for your support,


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    What version of Wowza are you using?


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    This was fixed in Wowza 3.5.2 patch 1

    Make sure you are on 3.5.2 by applying this patch, if necessary:

    Then apply this patch over that:

    Then your version should be Restart Wowza and check the startup lines in your access log.


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