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Thread: External RTMP live stream to be re-streamed for LAN distribution

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    Default External RTMP live stream to be re-streamed for LAN distribution


    Hope you can help.

    I have had a good look on the forum to check if I have missed something but anyway...

    I have a swf flash file that when opened in a standalone flash player plays out a live stream of a feed from the internet and the swf also contains some other content that I want displayed wrapped around the feed.This works fine.

    I want to be able to stream this swf file to a multitude of PC's on the internal LAN instead of them all calling the feed from the internet individually.

    I downloaded Wowza and Wirecast.

    I hoped to be able to load up the swf into Wirecast and them broadcast to Wowza media server where the LAN PC's could all pick up the stream from but Wirecast doesn't seem to have this option to insert the swf.

    I also have the option to pull in the rtmp external feed direct for distribution to the LAN but cannot see a way in Wowza to simply add this live RTMP stream somewhere to then re-stream as RTMP again.

    I have a constraint that the PC's need to run a swf file to play the content and attempts using VLC failed as Flash (on the PC's) and VLC Streaming Server wouldn't work together ( I tried RTSP and HTTP external to VLC for re-stream also). Another constraint is Bandwidth , hence the live streaming server in the middle to feed the LAN.

    Thanks for reading and apologies if this is covered already. Maybe I missed something in the tutorials?


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    Why not using multicast on LAN , for streaming for multiple computers on LAN ?

    here is example, how to stream from one VLC to multiple VLCs on LAN :

    If U have external RTMP stream , u can use VLC , or FFMPEG , to multicast in on LAN .. so 1000 computers on LAN can see your video , but u getting only 1 stream from WAN to LAN ..
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    Hi Pytkin,

    Thanks for reply,

    The PC's are fully locked down and I cannot install any new software on them. They do not have VLC on them and I can schedule a swf file to play out on them only.

    Also, VLC will not play the RTMP external stream anyway for me.

    The RTMP stream plays fine in SMPlayer.

    I will take a look at FFMPEG but was hoping that I could install an ( non command line ) application like VLC or Wowza that just did the job for me, allowing me to point to external RTMP and telling it to multicast.

    The switches have been configured for multicasting.

    Thanks again.


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    Wowza can certainly re-stream RTMP. You can either just make a ".stream" file containing the full RTMP address if it is coming from another server, and stream that file using your live app:

    Or create a new app with the "liverepeater-edge" StreamType if the source (origin) stream is also coming through Wowza:

    Otherwise, if you essentially need to "re-stream" the SWF output, you can play it on the Wirecast machine and then use Wirecast's Desktop Presenter to grab the screen and stream it:

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    jcdituk : ok .. if buying licence of wowza is not problem for U , then put server with wowza to LAN and wowza can restream rtmp stream for all users on LAN ..

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    Hi jcdituk,
    Wowza can re-stream many types of streams from the Internet. In your scenario, what I am presuming is you're adding something additional in the flash player. So you'd either need a webserver on tha LAN (or use Wowza server as webserver) and give your lan users the local URL OR just distribute your flash file with the html wrapper. Hard-code the local Wowza server URL in the flash player. So your setup will look like this

    External stream -->(Wowza<->Webserver)-->Lan Users

    Hope that helps.
    Best Wishes,

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    Hi all

    Many thanks for all the help on this.

    Have been too busy to work on this recently but hope to start again this week.

    Thanks again

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