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Thread: rtmp vs http

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    Default rtmp vs http

    ok here is the thing..

    im streaming to stbīs

    rtmp breaks up sound is funny

    http takes a bit longer time to come in but runs very smoothly

    why is rtmp so bad? :S

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    You may not have a consistent amount of bandwidth available.
    HTTP delivers in chunks and it may be taking slightly longer to download each chunk so even if download is longer than normal it will be unnoticed as play time is longer than download time and clients buffer chunks before playing so the stream plays smoothly. RTMP needs consistent bandwidth to be smooth the entire way though.


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    hmm ok.. i have two wowza servers in diffrent countries.. they are both hosted in datacenters on a 1gb port i have a FMLE which streams to server 1 im trying to take the stream from server 1 to server 2.. im doing that by rtmp.. rtmp://server/live/stream like this.. what other way can i replicate the stream.? can i do that by udp by any chance?

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    You can pull a stream using Live Stream Repeater, which is what it sounds like you are doing:

    Or you can push RTMP, RTSP or UDP using the PushPublish Addon:

    Live Stream Repeater is easiest if both servers are Wowza servers with same version that you control


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    can i use them all as edge/origin because they have streams coming from both end

    so server 1 receives udp streams set up as /live >rtp< is that correct or does it need to be liveorigin?

    then id like to take stream from FMLE to server 2 and from server 2 to server 1

    so they are both receiving streams and stream to stbs

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    If you're using .stream files to repeat the streams from origin to edge both servers can have the Application.xml/StreamType live.
    Follow the section for .stream files in the tutorial here,

    Use RTMP or RTSP for a .stream file however if it as a bandwidth issue as I previously mentioned it could be, it makes no difference to your bandwidth usage whether you use RTMP or RTSP.
    You could try reducing the bitrate of the setup that you currently have to determine if this is the issue.


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