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Thread: Wowza server, JW player and Joomla site...

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    Unhappy Wowza server, JW player and Joomla site...

    I need to use my wowza server to properly (speed) stream couple On Demand videos.
    Until now I have only use the wowza for live streaming.

    When I embed the videos using the JW Player I enter the video address like:

    rtmp://50.xx.xx.xx:8086/vod/abm/inicio1.mp4 on the player and the video plays fine.. But very slow,
    slower than my html server...

    Am I missing something to have the JW Player use the Wowza to stream?
    It looks like now is just reading the video with out really using the Wowza?

    This is just probably plain and stupid question no?

    <div id='my-video'></div>
    <script type='text/javascript'>
            file: 'rtmp://50.xx.xx.xx:8086/vod/abm/inicio1.mp4',
            width: '640',
            height: '360',
            skin: 'beelden'

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    Why are you streaming using port 8086? That's generally a Wowza management port. Change it to the default port 1935 (or just leave the port off, RTMP should default to 1935 automatically), and give us a link to a test page if you can.

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