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    Default Transcode Frame Rate

    Hi there.

    Is it possible to set the frame rate of the transcoded streams? I see that you can set the keyframe intervals, but if incoming streams use a different framerate, then the keyframes can't be controlled reliably. For example, a stream with 30fps and a keyframe interval of 60 means one every 2 seconds, but a stream with 15fps has a keyframe every 4 seconds.

    There is an ambiguous option that might allow it, but I haven't found any more clues about what's possible with it:
    "Video/Parameters: Implementation-specific encoding parameters that control the encoding process (this feature will be documented later)."

    Micah Nolte

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    It is still not documented in detail, but this is how you can discover and use those implementation-specific encoding parameters:

    If you need to discover the framerate of a live stream so you can set the Transcoder template /KeyFrameInterval appropriately, add "cupertinostreamingpacketizer" to the Application.xml /Streams /LiveStreamPacketizers and look for log message like this when the stream starts:

    INFO server comment - LiveStreamPacketizerCupertino.handlePacket[live/_definst_/Stream1][avc1.66.30]: H.264 Video info: {H264CodecConfigInfo: codec:H264, profile:Baseline, level:3.0, frameSize:424x240, displaySize:424x240, frameRate:24.0, crop: l:0 r:4 t:0 b:0}

    Or you can use ffprobe. Whatever you use, it is probably the framerate reported by the stream in metadata, which is not always accurate.

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    Good stuff. Thanks for the help.

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